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FDLE and Florida Clearinghouse Fingerprints in Panama City

CyberTech Livescan Scanner
Call to schedule your live scan fingerprint appointment: 850.775.1602

CyberTech only charges an additional fee of $25.00 for our live scan fingerprint services. You can check what the State, Federal and Retention fees are by using the FDLE provided ORI search feature at this link. All fees are paid to CyberTech and we pay the State and Federal fees as part of your transaction with us.

To check on the status of a live scan fingerprint submission, you can use your Transaction Control Number (TCN) which was provided to you when we did your fingerprints. Use this FDLE link to check the status.   

Offering a full range of Live scan fingerprints and photo ID services:

We offer live scan fingerprinting for all Florida ORI's. Conveniently located in Bay County Florida inside Wishing Wellness - zip code 32408 

Passport / ID photos while you wait

Digital uploads of picture IDs.